Discovering Biological Research

BIOL 320 Success in the constantly evolving fields of biology and medicine necessitates staying current in scientific literature. This requires competency in skills such as analysis of primary sources, synthesis of information from multiple sources, and oral and written communication skills.

This course focuses on these competencies. Students will develop skills needed to read and analyze scientific literature, and to communicate science through the making of short educational movies, scientific podcasts, and popular science articles.

Below, you will find the results of the hard work of our class. Just click on the link associated with each project to discover videos, podcasts, and blog posts written, produced and directed 100% by our students.

Fall 2015 class

  1. “Microbial forensics”, by Joshua Abraham, Garrett Ladignon, Kenneth Ly, and Katarina Jevtic.
  2. “Coronary Artery Calcium”, by Aisha Alam, Shivam Patel, and Kiriti Vattikonda.
  3. “Hair regeneration”, by Haneen Alaqrabawi, Meetali Patel, and Amina Sikder.
  4. “Memory and recall”, by Mahmoud Alnsour, Kajal Gandhi, Omair Mohammed, and Anas Najib.
  5. “Prion diseases”, by Kevin Barretto, Omar Merdan, Michelle Potestio, and Vivian Salib
  6. “Bees on caffeine”, by Archana Bottu, Robert Canuel, Briana Mancenido, and Nevil Parikh.
  7. “Aphantasia”, by Pamela Carman and Jaclyn Ward.
  8. “Animal funerals”, by Woo (Jeff) Chang, Jabriel Jaludi, and Daifalla Moumani.
  9. “Social touching”, by Atharva Dhole, Alisha Matreja, and Kunal Shah.
  10. “Toxoplasmosis”, by Omar Itani.
  11. “Pupil shapes”, by Hirali Patel, Shaimaa Shwket, Kristie Varghese, and Hirva Vyas.