In the media

Television & Documentaries

  1. “Swarm Intelligence with Simon Garnier + Corrie Moreau”, by Massive and Pioneer Works:

  2. “What self-driving cars can learn from brainless slime mold”, by Verge Science:

  3. “Lens of Time: Slime Lapse”, by Spine Films:

  4. “The Road Best Traveled: A Tale of Ants, Slime Mold and the New Jersey Turnpike”, by Luke Groskin for Science Friday:

  5. “Robot swarms: will they bomb us or save us?”, by Mae Ryan for The Guardian:

  6. “Scientists Use Tiny Robots to Understand Ants”, by Seth Wharton for Scientific American:

  7. “Robot ants: mini-machines mimic insect colony”, by Victoria Gill for BBC News:

  8. “Collective Minds - The Intelligence of Swarms”, by Jakob Kneser for Arte, produced by A&Obuero: Video not available online.


  1. Les Années Lumières (Radio Canada)
  2. La Croisée (Radio Canada)
  3. Phare Ouest (Radio Canada)

Magazines & Newspapers

  1. Striking Down the Queen Won’t Save You From the Swarm (The New York Times)
  2. The Remarkable Self-Organization of Ants (Quanta Magazine)
  3. Do robot ants dream of electric crumbs? (The Los Angeles Times)
  4. Robot Ants Could Make Us More Efficient (National Geographic)
  5. Un ejército de robots en miniatura para estudiar cómo se orientan las hormigas (El Mundo)
  6. Robot Ants Mimic a Real Colony (Discovery News)
  7. Sugar Cube-Sized Robotic Ants Mimic Real Foraging Behavior (Smithsonian Magazine)
  8. Robotic Ants Solve Riddles Without Math (Science News)
  9. Robotic Ants Provide Path to Real Ant Brains (NBC News - FutureTech blog)
  10. Robotic ants successfully mimic real colony behavior (ScienceDaily)
  11. Scientists build robotic ant colony to find out how real ants choose directions (The Verge)
  12. Robots Mimic Ant Colony Behavior (Mashable)
  13. What Does It Take to Fool a Snake? Send in the Robot (The Wall Street Journal)
  14. Scientists say shoppers could learn a lot from migrating geese (The Times)
  15. Secret of Annoying Crowds Revealed (Science News)
  16. Going with the Flow: Learning from Fish Could Prevent Crowd Panic (Der Spiegel)
  17. Swarm Smarts (Scientific American)


  1. The Perfect Swarm: The Science of Complexity in Everyday Life, by Len Fisher