#AntsVsTheWorld - Episode 3

Written by Simon Garnier on March 1, 2015

Who doesn’t like ants? And who doesn’t like a good action movie? #AntsVsTheWorld brings the best of both worlds together. by featuring videos of ants fighting other creatures (including other ants).

Episode 3: Army Ants vs. Scorpion

For today’s episode, I present you my all time favorite ant species: the army ant Eciton burchellii. These near-blind, nomadic ants offer some of the most spectacular examples of collective hunting. They live in large colonies (on average 700,000 ants), and during their moving phase they can organize large hunting raids which may contain more than 200,000 workers collecting thousands of prey, be 15m or more wide and sweep over an area of more than 1500m2 in a single day!

In this video, they will let a tarantula escape, but they will collectively defeat a scorpion maybe 20 times the size of an individual ant!

Ants 3, the world 0.

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