#AntsVsTheWorld - Episode 2

Written by Simon Garnier on February 1, 2015

Who doesn’t like ants? And who doesn’t like a good action movie? #AntsVsTheWorld brings the best of both worlds together. by featuring videos of ants fighting other creatures (including other ants).

Episode 2: Matabele Ants vs. Termite Soldiers

For this second episode, we present you a classic: the attack of a termite colony by an ant colony narrated by David Attenborough in the BBC series “Life In The Undergrowth - Supersocieties”. Here, the protagonists are the African mound-building termites (Macrotermes sp.) and the Matabele ants (Pachycondyla analis). The Matabele ants “are named after the Matabele tribe of fierce warriors who overwhelmed many other tribes during the 1800s” (source: Wikipedia). They feed exclusively on termites, forming raiding columns of up to 1,000 individuals that makes it for some epic battles. More on the Matabele ants can be found here.

Now shh! Let’s listen to Sir David Attenborough :-)

Ants 2, the world 0.

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