Data-Driven Modeling of Collective Behavior and Emergent Phenomena in Biology (DDM-Bio) - June 5-7, 2017

Written by Simon Garnier on December 14, 2016

The SwarmLab is happy to announce the workshop on “Data-Driven Modeling of Collective Behavior and Emergent Phenomena in Biology” (#DDMBio) to be held at SAMSI (Research Triangle Park, NC), June 5-7, 2017.


Collective behavior and emergent phenomena often arise in complex adaptive systems. Understanding the mechanisms that underlie such processes is simultaneously challenging and important to developments in engineering, technology, and advancing basic knowledge in the science of biological systems.

This collaborative workshop is targeted for researchers and students with research interests in collective behavior and emergent phenomena in biology and its applications. The participants will be organized into interdisciplinary teams according to their interests and complementary skills. Each team will be tasked with exploring, analyzing and modeling original data sets provided by biologist attendees. The event will be similar in spirit to a hackathon in computer science, with the goal of finding new ways to understand the provided biological data.

We emphasize that the workshop is meant to involve active participation with attendees working together across disciplines to solve problems in current research. In addition, regular debriefing sessions will be organized throughout the 3 days of the workshop in order for each team to provide updates to and receive feedback from the rest of the participants on their progress.

Organizing Committee:

  1. Simon Garnier, Dept. of Biological Sciences, New Jersey Institute of Technology

  2. Jason M. Graham, Dept. of Mathematics, University of Scranton**

Application information

Apply Here

Application Deadline is April 17, 2017.

The workshop will be limited to about 40 participants and funding support priority will be given to U.S. based researchers.


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